‘We arrange to meet at Norm’s coffee shop in West L.A., and after scamming a booth in a quiet section (won’t be that way for long), Jennifer Finch and drummer Dee Plakas make their entrance. These are the two most rowdy individuals I’ve ever encountered, and they don’t really enter a room, they kinda declare war and take the fucking place over, in a nice way of course. I’m quickly surrounded and they serenade me with their new favorite rap tune sung real loud, and I imagine, real out of tune. After too many severe renditions the twin guitar terrors of L7 arrive — Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner. Donita quickly joins in for a few more choruses and Suzi explains that she’s a bit “green around the gills” due to an overdose of fried chicken.

Everyone orders coffee and Suzi orders some Jell-o (red with lots of whipped cream).

And Donita starts, “Well, when I was a guy…” “Huh?” says me. She continues, “I used to be a guy in all the guy bands and we rocked pretty hard, but as a woman, now, after the change, and everyone else in the band who used to be men, we found that we could rock even better.” Now Jennifer jumps in, “I was just a boy and I find boys can’t rock nearly as well as dudes.” Clearly enjoying this now, Donita declares, “I was first a boy, then a dude, and now as a woman I find that the transition was very easy.” Now that that we have the entire coffee shop’s attention, Suzi awakens from her chicken stupor and states that she rocks much harder with a 12-inch dildo up her skirt (hell, who wouldn’t?). They inform me that they have their former cocks in a jar marked “For All The Lonely People” near the front door at home. I assume they are kidding, but the folks around us are getting up and leaving.

Seeing as how we seem to be on a roll now, I next ask if they feel accepted in the manly world of punk/metal. Dee says she only feels accepted when people make that stupid devil sign where one closes one’s fist and extends one’s index and pinkie fingers. When informed that the geek TV show host Geraldo says that it means “Hail Satan,” the girls claim they thought it meant “Pass the floss so I can really rock.” Shit, I’ll buy that…makes sense to me. At this point things have regressed back to the rap tune and the red Jell-o is now being referred to as “The Blood Clot.”’

— Jeff Dahl, Your Flesh #13, Spring/Summer 1989.

Photographs: Charles Peterson and Michael Lavine, circa 1990

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